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The Product Antari from Taiwan is a company having 15 years experience designing, manufacturing and globally distributing multifunctional microprocessor-driven Fog, Low Fog, Haze, Bubbles, Snow and Foam generators and liquids for a wide variety of uses in the entertainment and effects markets

The wide range of Antari products includes for smoke, haze, low lying cold fog machines and many other products.


An ideal Haze for all venues where silence is golden. Low-noise, below 70dB at 10 cm distance. Super Low haze liquid consumption rate 24hrs/ per ltr.


Low fog generator using a refrigerator to give you a cold low fog. No CO2 no dry ice. Environmental friendly 100% save to lie in and breathe in.


Special effect fan working in three fan speeds and DMX on board.


Can use few drops into the fluid tank. Flavours – Rose, Mint, Apple, Lemon, Strawberry.

S-100 II

Snow Machine which has the ease of trussing and installation.


Bubble machine with its large fluid reservoir will pack the venue with bubbles as long as the party lasts.

Z-1500II & Z-3000II

Fog/ Smoke machine with an output of 20,000 cubic ft/ min and 40,000 cubic ft/ min

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